Alternative String Playing Zines


All the zines here are created by Angry Violist. Each issue is a beautiful cut-and-paste package of inspirational awesomeness. Highly recommended!

Angry Violist Issue 4

Angry Violist Issue 4

"The Angry Violist is a zine which advocates the mis-use of classical stringed instruments for more experimental and exciting purposes.

For violinist, violists, cellists and their friends everywhere. And anyone else who might be interested in music. We should all stick together.

Issue #4 is 24 pages long (including covers), and is A5 (or half) sized

It contains 6815 words about:

  • an interview with Raincoats violinist, Vicki Aspinall
  • a guide to string playing in Krautrock
  • the amazing Krautrock Krautmap - a family tree of Krautrock bands and musicians
  • an appreciation of violists
  • punk versus folk: which four letter word will win? A look at the similarities between the genres
  • how to make your violin,viola or cello playing sound grubby and super-scuzzy"

Angry Violist Issue 5

Angry Violist Issue 5

"Yay! Issue #5... it has the vague theme of psychology. It has 32 printed pages plus a colour cover. It is A5 (half sized) and is bound with two shiny staples.

The cover is in colour, but the inside is not.

Inside you'll find writing about

  • Punk rock viola outreach: a self-help guide for when you are musically lost, alone and have no-one to turn to
  • Is experimental string playing the new rock'n'roll/punk rock? A brief history of alarming classical music
  • The noise rainbow: the many types and crazy world of noise
  • Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra
  • Graphic scores and psychology
  • Sports psychology for musicians
  • Heroes and all-stars of string-playing
  • RIP Billy Bang"


Angry Violist Issue 5.5

Angry Violist Issue 5.5

"In this mini-issue of Angry Violist zine, made in 24 hours in honour of International Zine Month, July 2012:

  • Understanding our hierarchy of music, sound and noise
  • Plugging in and going electric after being an acoustic musician for years
  • Vulnerability and creativity: about insecurity as a musician*
  • I heart Michael Karoli, violinist for Can
  • When music and psychology collide: Stendhal syndrome and the White Christmas experiment

This issue of the zine is A6 (quarter size) and is 20 pages long, b & w, staple-bound.

The back is hand-library-stamped and the cover has hand-drawn spirographs (every one is different!).

Since I don't have a printer, the zine was made entirely using typewriter and letraset transfers, entirely off the cuff and entirely unedited. There are a lot of typos: please don't judge me."

* I keep wanting to refer to this article and the subject matter of this article as "music therapy", but that is something entirely different. It's really about the psychological (and psychiatric?) pitfalls of being a musician. Performance psychology, I suppose.